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SeaLab I

Published 1965

In 1964 off the coast of Bermuda, SEALAB I was lowered to a depth 192 feet. This film documents that amazing event. The Sealab I experiment was to test the theories of saturated diving and the ability of humans to live and operate at extreme pressures. The test involved four divers: LCDR Robert Thompson, MC; Gunners Mate First Class Lester Anderson; Chief Quartermaster Robert A. Barth; and Chief Hospital Corpsman Sanders Manning. The top side commander was Captain George F. Bond, also called "Poppa Topside." The mission called for the four divers to stay submerged for three weeks, but the project was stopped only after 11 days due to threat of a tropical storm which posed a danger to the ocean surface support staff. Introduced and narrated by Academy Award nominated film actor Jack Cooper ("Skippy" - 1931). Cooper also played editor Perry White in the Superman movies made in the 1980's.

Run time 28 minutes 24 seconds
Producer U.S. Navy
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


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